New exhibition marks 75 years with human rights

When the United Nations (UN) gathered in Paris 75 years ago, they proclaimed their support for a new milestone in the history of humans: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The reason was that the world wanted to avoid repeating the brutal atrocities that took place during the First and Second World Wars. Since then, the Declaration has told us how we should treat others – and how we have the right to be treated as humans.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights formulates the basic rights that are inherent to all people. The declaration consists of 30 articles, which deal with the right to life, liberty and security. Over the past 75 years, human rights have gone from being words on a piece of paper to having an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. Today, most of the world’s countries support the declaration. Nevertheless, the 30 articles continue to be violated every single day – both in dictatorial states, but also in democratic countries.

Migration Museum of Denmark marks the 75 years’ anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with a new exhibition opening on May 2, 2024.

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