Crafts and integration

With a new grant, Migration Museum of Denmark will launch a new project in the summer of 2023 that sheds light on integration from a museums perspective. The project further develops the community-promoting initiative ‘Lørdagssysler’, where women with different ethnich and religious backgrounds meet for workshops at the museum and talk about their common interest in crafts.

For the next three years, the museum – in close collaboration with designer Henriette Rolf Larsen – will hold workshops with teachers who will focus on various crafts techniques. During the workshops, the participating women get the ooportunity to try out various techniques and create crafts that convey perspectives on their own life situations.

The aim of the project is to break down cultural and linguistic barriers and strengthen the social networks of the women, their Danish language skills and knowledge of our society and history. At the same time, the museum will also collect life stories from the participating women, who represent a group in the population whose stories are generally overlooked in Danish museums.

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