New collaboration sheds light on Danish Jewish history and contemporary life

With a new grant from the Palaces and Culture Agency, Migration Museum of Denmark and Furesø Libraries in collaboration with Danish Jewish Museum have begun 2023 with a new collaboration that sheds light on Danish-Jewish cultural history and contemporary life.

A year ago, the Danish government launched a national action plan against antisemitism, in which funds were set aside for new collaborations between museums and libraries to carry out exhibitions and events about Jewish life, culture and history. Together, Migration Museum of Denmark, Furesø Libraries and the Danish Jewish Museum seized the chance and submitted an application for a joint collaboration (2023-2026).

Over the next three years, citizens of Furesø Municipality and the rest of Denmark will experience the effort unfold in a string of events on Jewish literature, music, food and other forms of culture, as well as a large special exhibition at Migration Museum of Denmark and Farum Kulturhus on Jewish identity and the history of antisemitism in 2025. By spreading information and knowledge about Danish Jewish life, culture and history, the partners will contribute to ensuring that the national defense against antisemitism and hate crimes is maintained and strengthened.

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