Religion in museums

In collaboration with three other museums and two universities, The Danish Immigration Museum have started a research project titled Religion – Living Cultural Heritage.

The research project is supported by the Velux Foundation and will strive to find opportunities to integrate and develop religious studies as part of the cultural history museums’ work in Denmark today.

Specifically, the project’s partners must build a bridge between religious professionalism and the museums’ professionalism, role and task in society today. They will do so by developing models for how Danish cultural history museums can incorporate a religious perspective in their work – for example by involving museum users in collecting exhibition material or telling about their own religious traditions as part of Danish cultural heritage today. This can also be done by focusing on religious diversity both inside the museums and outside in urban spaces through city walks or exhibitions about the religious landscape in a local context.

The Danish Immigration Museum has already initiated a number of new concepts in the daily work; two special exhibitions centered around aspects of religion connected to migrant groups in Denmark as well as several new suggestions to how to improve the museum’s dissemination of religious topics related to migration to students of all ages.

The research project will continue until 2022.

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