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30th AEMI annual conference cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions the AEMI board unfortunately could come to no other conclusion but that the meeting at Mellon Centre for Migration Studies (MCMS) in Omagh, Northern Ireland would have to be cancelled. Although there is some variability in circumstances across Europe, restrictions regarding public gatherings were not deemed likely to have altered sufficiently in the UK by 30 September to permit MCMS to proceed to host the event.

The staff at MCMS and the AEMI board are obviously bitterly disappointed with this conclusion but fully recognise that on this occasion there was simply no alternative. AEMI will reconvene in the early autumn of 2021 and we shall keep you all informed about plans for the meeting as the year progresses.

For those of our members who submitted papers for the meeting in MCMS, we will be in contact with you regarding the upcoming meeting in 2021.

  • Dr. Paddy Fitzgerald, Mellon Centre for Migrations Studies, Ulster American Folk Park
  • Cathrine Kyø Hermansen, Chairman of Association of European Migration Institutions

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