Making Europe Bottom Up

All European countries share a history of emigration (or colonization) and of immigration: we are, or we have been, all migrants. European internal migrations have been huge in the past and still are; the enlarged EU has strong internal population movements; in various European countries young people are migrating again etc.

A bottom up perspective at European population will help to show a trait of Europe that has been vastly ignored and that we believe should not be underestimate anymore in the search for an European unity, that is internal migrations have created (or may create) an European culture and citizenship.

Objectives of the research are:

  • to write a history of European migrations from the different countries’ perspectives;
  • to analyse Europe’s internal migrations to show how European people have intermingled over time through migrations;
  • to see how different European countries manage contemporary migrations;
  • to examine the new mobility phenomenon, difficult to quantify in a post Schengen era.


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Call for contributions

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