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Founded in 1987, Génériques is an NGO specialized in the history and the memory of immigration. It works to list, safeguard and preserve the archives on immigration issues in France and in Europe and to valorize it through cultural and scientific activities.

In this purpose, since 1992, Génériques has compiled the national inventory of public and private archives sources on the history of foreigners in France since the Revolution. This action has led to the publication of a guide of archives sources: Les Etrangers en France XIX-XXe siècles and to the preservation and listing of hundreds of private collections. These findings are now all being posted on line via our catalogue Odysseo which allows to identify and localize sources for the history of immigration and to consult digitalized documents directly.

Bearing in mind its purpose of consciousness raising, Génériques has set several exhibitions dedicated to the history of immigration. The exhibition: “Générations: un siècle d’histoire culturelle des Maghrébins en France” has been presented by Génériques in Paris, Lyon and in Caen.

The NGO has then organized several conferences and colloquiums on immigration issues.

In order to better diffuse the collected heritage and the researches led by Génériques, the NGO has also developed publishing activities via Editions Mémoire-Génériques and the semi-annual journal Migrance.

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