Red Star Line Museum (Belgium)

Between 1873 and 1934, the legendary Red Star Line transported more than two million European passengers to America. At the port in Antwerp, Belgium, emigrants in steerage class underwent disinfection and medical examinations while clerks scrutinized their documents. Today three warehouses stand as a testament to this emigrant experience. In these historic buildings, the Red Star Line Museum is located. It is a place of remembrance, experience, debate and research into international mobility, both past and present.

The Red Star Line Museum invites his visitors on an eventful journey in the footsteps of the emigrants. They become acquainted with the passengers and accompany them on their trip from their native village to Antwerp, where the ocean steamers of the Red Star Line are docked on the quay ready to depart for the New World. Exciting and personal stories accompany the visitors across the ocean.


Red Star Line

Contact :
Red Star Line Museum
Montevideostraat 3
2000 Antwerp
Tel : +32 298 27 70

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